Friday, March 5, 2010

Proof: They're Friends

Few and far between are the moments we get to see our older two kids getting along. Tonight they found something fun to do with a freak spring snowstorm. (OK, I know it's technically still winter, but five inches of snow is still impressive for this late in the season.)

Braiden and Tatum spent a good two hours in Grandma's backyard building a snow fort. Its walls consisted of about nine giant snowballs, any of which would have made an impressive base for any snowman. A dowel rod propping up some tarps made a roof.

You create something that spectacular, and even if you're soaked and freezing, you'll claim your fort is warm, and you'll just hang out in there a while. You might even ask if you can stay the night in it. And maybe that annoying brother or sister will seem OK after all.

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