Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Boy

"I can't make 'aggies,' Mom," is what Teague was calling to me from the kitchen in the middle of the morning. Oh, no. Not again.

This child has been in independence-development mode this week. I think it was Monday when I found the aftermath of his having used the potty without help.

Yesterday a broken-glass crash came from the kitchen; he had dropped his oatmeal while getting it into the microwave. He had found the packet, gotten it into a bowl, and added water all by himself.

And today was his second attempt to make eggs. At least this time it was only three eggs all over the stove, down the front of the oven, and onto the floor. Last time it was more like ten.

I can't say I mind cleaning up the messes. I'm just too proud of him to really be all that annoyed.


Mike and Shelby said...

What adventures for a big boy!

Marci said...

Maybe he needs to know how to use the toaster, egg cooker thing you guys have that Quinn loves. Then, after that lesson, he can learn how to work the "bullet" blender for a smoothie. Teague, that's just how I like my aggies, a little cooked, and a little all over. You are on your way to being a great cook, Mister