Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Teague's Top Ten Rules for a Happy Day

10. Fingers. I use two pointers to show you where my nose is (one for each nostril). Same goes for ears...

9. Noise. Anything worth anything makes noise: lawn mowers, ambulances, and anything I can bang on. And if you growl at me, I'll do it back.

8. Drinks of water. If you give me some of yours, be warned that the first drink is a drink and the second drink is for blowing bubbles.

7. Gadgets. If you're watching TV, the remote is for me. If you're on the phone, the phone is for me. And if I just find the phone, I might call 9-1-1.

6. Playing catch. I'll do it longer than any dog. Besides, I laugh.

5. Sleep. If I wake up in the night, don't come get me unless you want me to sleep on you.

4. Light switches. If you carry me by one, pause so that I can flip it.

3. The bath. I love it, so don't get me out. I'll start climbing out myself when I'm done.

2. Drawers. What's in them (and I mean everything) must come out.

1. Tooth brush. Mom thinks I should put it back in the cup when we're done with my teeth, but that's for the birds. I like to take it to bed with me.