Friday, June 27, 2008

Football Camp Rocks

Braiden did four days at BYU football camp this week and loved every second of it. It was two hours a day, which he said was not enough. "It went by too fast," he said. The night before it started, he was so excited at bedtime. I wanted to be sure he knew what to expect, so I said, "Braid, you know this isn't just playing. They're going to drill you and run you and work you; they're going to be teaching you football techniques." The whole time I was talking, a growing grin crept across his face. This kid has the spirit of a competitor!

At camp, they drilled for the first hour and a half, then scrimmaged for the last half hour. Ethan was at camp, too, which made it all the better for Braiden. They got into the same group and on the same scrimmage team, and had a great time.

The last day, Bronco Mendenhall spoke to the kids. For Braiden, having him sign his T-shirt was good, but an autographed belly was even better.

At one of the popsicle breaks, Braiden commented, "I can't believe Bronco Mendenhall allows red popsicles..."


Marci said...

Football camp...At the Y?? Well, I guess that is ok. My boys want to hear all about this. Hope Q is firing up the BBQ!! Thanks for the great picts. We love watching the updates. I'll keep in mind the 10 things that make T happy. We love to hear him laugh. Ptatum be seeing you soon!
~m & gang

Jamie said...

That was so much fun for Ethan. We will be for sure doing it next year.