Sunday, May 25, 2008

She didn't even flinch

Tatum got her ears pierced on her 5th birthday. Quinn had always said she had to be at least 12. My opinion was that if she's old enough to want it, starts to ask for it, and if she understands that there's pain involved, I'm fine with it. But I had to defer to Quinn on this one. And Tate didn't really bring it up all that often. Then suddenly one day Quinn said, "Well, how about we do it for your birthday?" and surprised us both.

Braiden held Tate's hand the whole time, even while they were marking her ears. He also gave opinions on which earrings she should choose. He suggested plain diamond-looking ones, but Tate chose pink.

She held perfectly still, was thoroughly excited, and didn't make a peep. No flinching, no wincing, just a slight nervous look in her eyes, but she was all smiles as the earrings went in.


brit said...

hey s! i got your message but lost your phone number. call me when you get a chance. also, tatum is a star. i'm sure her and ella will get along just fine.

Brenda said...

Totally didn't know you all had a blog. Thanks for the heads up there Quinn, you only talk to Trevor EVERYDAY!!! Love Tate's ears! We did Abby's before she turned one, are we bad parents?

marci said...

We don't know who Tatum is, we only know Pa-tatum. Could we see a picture of Quinn and Sara? We want to be sure to recognize them when we visit soon.

Braiden, have you played any good x-box lately?? We are very excited to see you all soon. From Jacob & Carter.

Mike and Shelby said...

yeah for Tatum! I asked Mike what he thought about Lauren getting her ears pierced...he had the same thoughts as Quinn; "12 years old...or older!" Isn't it funny how those daddy's just melt when it comes to their girls?

Oh, and how adorable that Braiden was so helpful and concerned.