Friday, August 28, 2009

First Tooth, Lost (very, very lost)

Tatum has waited since January for this tooth to finally come out. It's been barely loose for months, then it became evident why: the permanent tooth was growing in behind it and not pushing it out.

She's wiggled it, tried to twist it, and has worked on it with dental floss. Finally I tied a loop around it, which either got frayed or she looped again. Either way, that floss was on there and the only way off was to pop that tooth. So that's what Quinn did. And the tooth went flying.

Tatum was excited, then devastated. We swept, mopped, and pulled the oven out. No tooth. So she wrote the tooth fairy a hopeful note and went to bed.


TheAndFam said...

Oooh! You lost the tooth?! I hope the tooth fairy still comes. I really want to know how much she gets!!

Mike and Shelby said...

How sweet! I am sure the tooth fairy will understand...I bet its not the first lost tooth!

Marci said...

I heard that if you loose your first tooth, the tooth fairy comes twice...just to see if you found it. Love you with red mouth, red lips and red teeth!!