Sunday, July 5, 2009

Festivities on the Fourth

The Fourth of July ranks with Christmas for me. I love it. The Star-Spangled Banner makes me cry. I love this country and what it was founded on, and I have a desperate hope that we can remember as a nation what has made America strong.

This year, all Wigingtons wore red, white, and blue. My awesome neighbor Alicia did Tatum's hair in messy buns and curled pipe cleaners. It was so stinkin' cute. I've got to get better little-girl hair skills. Tate is a tough one, though. She never leaves her hair-dos in. But while it lasted, she looked as patriotic as she is (she's annoyed that we don't have our own flag).

Our day started with a neighborhood celebration. The kids rode decorated bikes in a bike parade, then we had a flag ceremony before the pot-luck breakfast at the pavilion.

What took my breath away might seem simple. Rick Gardner in fatigues, little scouts marching at his side. I loved the example of service to country, respect for the flag, and teaching it to the next generation.

The morning went on with some patriotic performances and kids having potato-sack races and faces painted. Perfect way to kick off an Independence Day.

We ended the day at my parents' house for their annual barbecue. They're just across the field from Thanksgiving Point, a great spot for watching fireworks. Tatum's the only one who stayed that late, though. We had to get Teague home and into bed. Got to keep that kid healthy.


Mike and Shelby said...

We so appreciated Quinn's invite to join you for the fireworks/BBQ. I was doing the second half of the graveyard at work the next morning, so we were all in bed before the sun went down. Sorry we couldn't participate in the fun.

Tatum looks adorable in that picture! Pipe cleaners? What a great idea!

Glad you had a great 4th-and glad to know there is someone else whose a patriotic sap like me with the Star Spangled Banner. :)

Moose and Family said...

We LOVE the 4th of July at our house. Cute picture of Tatum!