Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kristin's Head-Shaving Party

Kris started her official breast cancer fight with her first chemo treatment two weeks ago. Tonight was the official head-shaving party. Friends, co-workers, and family gathered for pizza. Then the brave ones headed into the garage, bowed down, and got buzzed. By the end of the night, there were eight baldies and one mohawk. Whitney and Karen had their hair cut short ahead of time in Kris's honor. Kris went last, and one word came to me: brave. Then one more: beautiful.

Karen & Kris, before

Proud husband, first in line

Teague didn't want to join in but liked feeling the buzzes.

Whitney and Jorden started with scissors.

Dagan did finishing touches with the clippers.

Hard to watch.

Brave girl.

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Jenny said...

What an incredible woman. What an inspiration. Looks like all the baldies had a good time! You guys rock. Did Jamie tell you we saw her at the aquarium? We decided we all need to get together when the weather starts getting warm. Either a BBQ or playing at a park or something fun...we love you guys!