Sunday, September 20, 2009

A One-Night Camping Trip

We escaped to Gooseberry Friday night. Teague had never been camping before, and he loved the fire (Braiden built it). We made s'mores, doing our best to keep Teague out of the marshmallows, and then went to bed. It got COLD that night, ice-on-the-outside-of-the-tent cold. I think Quinn is the only one who slept well. He doesn't even wear a coat in the winter.

The next morning our friends, the Tippetts, joined us. It was so good to see Paula and the kids; we hadn't gotten together since before Jared died in July. It was definitely a change to get the families together without him. Paula and I sat by the fire and talked all morning about things that matter. I will never forget what she shared with me, and I thank her for that. Every time Quinn came up on us we were crying. So he kept busy teaching the kids to fish, and he even got in some fly fishing. We came home empty handed but with full hearts.

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