Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Miss Jump Rope

In her last few weeks of kindergarten, Tatum took to jumping rope. Talked about it all the time, and when I'd come up to the school, we'd have to go out to the playground so she could show me.

Until yesterday, we didn't have one of our own. We used to, but I remember throwing it out because Braiden kept tying things up with it and it was making me nervous. So Tatum has improvised with a plastic slinkie, a computer cable, and my pajama pants.

Yesterday Grandma Francie came to the rescue. She brought some jump ropes as party favors for the Braiden and Tatum birthday barbecue. Tatum is in heaven.


Marci said...

Happy birthdays! We are so glad that there are now ropes to jump. I bet the pajama pants are happy too. love you Tate & Braiden!!

Mike and Shelby said...

What a great picture! Lauren loves jump rope too, however, she hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. At least she hasn't given up yet.