Monday, August 25, 2008

Her official first day

Quinn and I went together with Tatum to her first day of kindergarten. She wasn't nervous at all; she didn't even expect us to go in with her. But we did, and we took pictures. We even got one of her with her teacher, Mrs. Hiatt.

After school she hopped into the car and said, "Recess is awesome!" I noticed that she was minus her tights. She said it was way too hot on the playground. We'll save the tights for colder weather.

She also told me that the principal read them The Gingerbread Man, and then they made gingerbread cookies. Tatum got to put the butter in. She had a delightful first day.


Marci said...

FABULOUS! I'm glad to hear that someone still gets cookies during kindergarten. Please tell the kids how proud we are of each of them. (oh, and their mom & dad too.) Love you mucho and wish us luck. We just started school this week. HUGS: Marci

Mike and Shelby said...

quinn and sara...

it was fun going to the concert last night with you guys. we really do need to do dinner soon. How does this sat work? (With kids at our house if we need to.)

sara-your blog is beautiful! :)

our blog is private, I can email you an invite, my email is: